Celebrate the best of Britain and Win a pair of glasses

Entry to this competition is now closed

Entry to the competition is now closed

Celebrate the best of Britain

In addition to the 'Bake a cake for the Queen' competition, we've chosen a selection of this season's hottest set of eyewear to honour her Majesty's monumental Platinum Jubilee. Starting from £15, we have 100s of Great British styles to look sharp for this summer.

As a homage to the monarch, red, white and blue frames have been selected and are set to be this summer's hottest summer trend.

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Cake for the queen

By Abbie Hirshfield

Your baking helps!

The quintessentially British way to celebrate any street party or Royal occasion is by baking a good cake, and so why not use the excuse to give to charity at the same time. The bake entrees will be asked to make a donation fee of £3 with all proceeds going to Vision Express’s charity partners Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) and Macular Society.

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Entry to the competition is now closed